The Future of Labour Working Group

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Leveraging technology to prepare for the Future of Labour

The world of work is changing at an unprecedented rate. The speed of innovation such as IoT, robotic automation, Artificial Intelligence, new trends such as the platform economy or societal elements such as changing demographics or influx of immigration are all creating unprecedented disruption, where the only certainty seems to be that all jobs will somehow be impacted in the future.

March 27, 2018 (9am-6pm CET)


Digitalization offers new opportunities for workers & organisations alike, for example, enabling new business models which stimulates a growth of independent workers or better inclusion of people with disabilities as an active part for the workforce, as well as greater agility for organisations to meet the market demands. It equally allows for finding new ways to both match prospective employees with employers as well as help governments understand or anticipate macro and micro-trends to optimize social security or educational systems. Technologies like AI, robotic automation or 3D Printing have the ability to challenge competitiveness of companies and entire national economies, hence, harnessing these innovations will provide competitive advantage of the overall nation in the global economy.

In this complex & evolving scenario, governments have a leading role to play, ranging from understanding the disruptive elements, adapt their policies and services, to facilitating strong ecosystems inclusive of public and private stakeholders, all this with a view to continue to drive overall competitiveness of their economies for the benefit of the citizens and business which they serve.

›› Goal

We would like to contribute by initiating an international Labour Working Group enabling leading government institutions, think-tanks and technology providers to address these challenges and design a common and actionable vision for the Future of Labour where technology and new models can offer sound alternatives for countries to stay on the winning side of the digitalization challenge.

During this working group we will work together to address the following themes:

  • The Changing Nature of Work, the Workplace and Jobs
  • Preparing Everyone for the Future of Work

More information on the topics can be retrieved in the 3th chapter of The Future Computed


›› Who should attend

On invitation only - leading government institutions, academia, technology providers, etc.

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