Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas

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How to leverage innovative technology from the 4th Industrial Revolution in the Oil & Gas industry

The future of oil and gas is a turning point. Everybody can see that business is changing but where will it be in the next 15-20 years? Oil and gas companies need to revisit their strategy and facilitate digital transformation.

New digital technology capabilities offer the opportunity to leapfrog ahead of the competition. By now, most oil and gas companies have realised the importance of leveraging technology advancements, however, finding the right technology partner for this journey to the future is not easy…

May 8 and 9, 2018


Digital transformation is rapidly becoming the very basis for competition, but employee culture, security concerns, legacy solutions, fear of the unknown etc. are all in the way of responding quickly enough to customer demands or market changes, because they were originated/designed in the pre-digital era when the only focus was on efficiency.

Today, in a world where agility, scalability, responsiveness and transparency are key, new digital operation solutions must leverage state-of-the-art capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, social collaboration, digital connectivity and predictive analytics to enable a truly demand-driven end-to-end operating model.

Join us in Brussels on May 8 and 9, 2018 to explore how digital technology solutions built on Microsoft can turn your oil and gas value chain into a competitive advantage using data, analytics, AI and IoT connectivity across the entire organization.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Microsoft EBC in Brussels!

›› Agenda

Day 1 - May 8, 2018

08:15 - 08:45 | Welcome Coffee, light breakfast
08:45 - 09:15 | Welcome, Introduction & expectations (Round Table)
09:15 - 10:00 | Microsoft’s commitment to the Oil and gas Industry
10:00 - 10:30 | Partner presentation: PWC
10:00 - 10:30 | The future of Oil & Gas in the Digital Era,
10:00 - 10:30 | where the industry is Heading
10:30 - 11:30 | Microsoft Intelligent Cloud Platform:
10:30 - 11:30 | today's Infrastructure for tomorrow's challenges
11:30 - 11:45 | Coffee break
11:45 - 12:45 | Industry Futures:
11:45 - 12:45 | from information to data driven decisions,
11:45 - 12:45 | transforming your business with Artificial Intelligence
12:45 - 13:30 | Lunch
13:30 - 14:15 | Empower Exploration & Production with Azure Big Compute
14:15 - 15:00 | Partner presentation: Element Analytics
14:15 - 15:00 | Improving Profitability and Reducing Risk
14:15 - 15:00 | via the Contextualized Data Lake
15:00 - 15:30 | Coffee break
15:30 - 16:15 | Partner presentation: Honeywell
15:30 - 16:15 | Leveraging IoT technologies and industry domain expertise to shape
15:30 - 16:15 | the ‘Industry of Future’ through Honeywell Connected Plant
16:15 - 17:00 | Partner presentation: OneBridge Solutions Inc.
16:15 - 17:00 | Cognitive Integrity Management:
16:15 - 17:00 | Predicting Pipeline Failures with the assistance
16:15 - 17:00 | of Machine Learning
17:00 - 17:45 | Customer presentation: MOL Group
17:00 - 17:45 | Artificial Inteligence in Refining - MOL Group
17:45 - 18:00 | Wrap-up & feedback
18:00 - 19:00 | Return to Hotel and departure for Dinner
18:00 - 19:00 | or cocktail reception @EBC
19:00 - 19:00 | Evening Dinner in Brussels (OPTION)

Day 2 - May 9, 2018

08:00 - 08:30 | Welcome Coffee
08:30 - 08:45 | Recap day1 and Intro to Day2
08:45 - 10:15 | Secure Modern Enterprise in Oil & Gas:
08:45 - 10:15 | Modern Workplace Trends
08:45 - 10:15 | The Connected Field Worker.
08:45 - 10:15 | What does this mean for your Business?
10:15 - 10:30 | Break
10:30 - 11:15 | Partner presentation: Baker Hughes GE
10:30 - 11:15 | FullStream Digital revolution
11:15 - 12:00 | Partner presentation: Schlumberger
11:15 - 12:00 | Exploration and Production with Real time,
11:15 - 12:00 | 4D analytics and Demo
12:00 - 13:00 | Lunch
13:00 - 14:15 | The Service Station of the Future incl.
13:00 - 14:15 | Retail Innovations & how they apply
13:00 - 14:15 | to Oil&Gas with Vision & case studies from Accenture
14:15 - 14:30 | Coffee break
14:30 - 16:00 | Joint conversation/Panel discussion:
14:30 - 16:00 | What is the role of Digitalization in the overall strategy
14:30 - 16:00 | and growth priorities of Oil and Gas companies
16:00 - 16:30 | Wrap-up and feedback
16:30 - 17:00 | Taxi & Departure


›› Who should attend

These workshops are intended for senior executives from Oil and Gas organisations in EMEA. The content will be of value to the VP or Director of Upstream/Midstream/Downstream and Retail Operations, COOs and CFOs seeking to turn their value chain into a competitive advantage and CIOs looking to transition their IT organizations into an innovation hub.

These events are invitation only, please contact your Microsoft Account Manager to register.

›› Featured speakers

Tibor Komroczki
Head of Process information and Automatization
MOL Group

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Tibor Komróczki has been working at MOL since 1987. He started his career at the FCC unit and has moved through different roles over time. In 2001 he joined the Process Information team as an application developer.

Since 2009 he has lead the Process Information team and in 2013 he was appointed the leader of the Integrated Information and Automation team in MOL's Technology and Development department. Komroczki has a Bachelors in Electrical Engineer and a Masters in Computer Sciences. Komroczki has led many automation and information projects at MOL refinery and rolled out these systems to other refineries and petrochemical sites. Komroczki team has created many successful projects in the Refinery and operates valuable systems.

Philippe Sainte-Beuve
Europe & Russia-CIS Technical Director at Baker Hugues,
a General Electric company

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He is responsible of the Solution Architect Organization focusing on Asset Performance Management, Process and Product optimization and Field Services development addressing Oil & Gas & PetroChem customer needs in Upstream, Midstream and Downstream.

Rushad Chinoy
Digital Fuels Retail - Accenture

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Rushad Chinoy is a Senior Manager within Accenture’s Digital Fuels Retail consulting practice. He has over 14 years of experience shaping and delivering Business and Digital transformation programmes, and has spent the last 10 years managing large global engagements across site systems, convenience retail, operations and retail network at IOCs.

Brandon Taylor
CTO, OneBridge Solutions, Inc.

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Brandon is responsible for the strategy of delivering our SaaS solutions into oil and gas midstream market. Cognitive Integrity Management is a Data Science and Machine Learning Microsoft Cloud solution that offers unparalleled accuracy, substantially decreases OPEX, and optimizes Integrity Management processes. Brandon has been involved in numerous technology projects with Microsoft since 2009 participating in multiple Technology Adoption Programs, Partner Advisory Councils, and internal Private Preview initiatives.

Frits Wolters
Senior Executive Advisor, PwC

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Frits Wolters is a Senior Executive Advisor to PwC Management Consulting in Amsterdam. He specializes in Procurement and in Capital Projects in the energy sector.

Frits brings over 20 years of international experience in commercial and technical leadership roles at Royal Dutch Shell, most recently as VP Contracting & Procurement. He holds a MSc / Engineering Degree of Delft University of Technology, complemented by business courses at Wharton and Harvard.

He is fluent in English and Dutch.

Pankaj Deshmukh
Connected Plant Sales Leader, Honeywell

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Pankaj Deshmukh is Honeywell Connected Plant Sales Leader For Europe & Africa. Pankaj has led multiple Honeywell engagements with major industry players for Digital Transformation initiatives. Pankaj is a Chemical Engineer with rich experience in process industry for Process and Business Optimization Solutions. Pankaj has successfully managed end-to-end business transformation programs spanning from consulting to programmatic deployment of value driven technologies. As part of Honeywell’s technical consulting and development organization, Pankaj has played key role in shaping solution direction for Data, Analytics & Collaboration portfolio leveraging IIoT architecture. Pankaj is closely engaged with Industry thought leaders to define and deliver Digital Transformation Solutions through Honeywell Connected Plant offerings.

Joanna Wiewiorowska
Director, Retail Industry Solutions - Microsoft

Uwa Airhiavbere
Director, Worldwide Oil & Gas - Microsoft

Omar Saleh
Director, Manufacturing & Resources, Middle East - Microsoft

Tibor Bacso
Director Industry Solutions - Microsoft

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